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Alena's Chandlers

Hello friends, Alex and Anna here! We’re so excited to show y’all whose behind these beautiful pure soy bean wax + wooden wick, hand poured candles. Curated in Cumming, GA, our hand poured candles are made with only 100% pure soy bean wax + quality fragrance + essential oils for an eco-friendly toxin free experience.

Anna has always had a love for design and passion for creating ambient spaces. “Candles have always been a constant in my life- something about the way a candle can add to a space, the way it illuminates a room, it’s ability to enhance a gathering and help create a special moment.” After many years of searching for a quality candle with clean fragrance products, Alex, my better half, jokingly said “why not just make your own? how hard could it be?”.  WELL, after many months of experimenting and trial and error, we finally created the PERFECT recipe, if you will. 

We started Alena Candles in the midst of the pandemic (safe to say that this definitely started as hobby, shhh.) Alex, the ambitious and tech savvy entrepreneur he is, saw the potential and made this passion project into a reality. And man am I glad he did. Truly, he’s a jack of all trades. Chandler, photographer, web designer, handyman. You name it, he can do it. Simply, we love what we do and work super hard (often 7 days a week) to make our passion a reality, and we’re so grateful to share it with all of you.  Now here we are,  a couple of small business owners pouring and thoughtfully packaging in our home, for yours.